Saturday, January 5, 2013

          Being as though I have pushed my time from COD into Minecraft, I havent payed any attention to this blog, anyone viewing this can go to The Minecraft Domain if you want to read about glitches, seeds, building ideas, new maps and more, if your a call of duty fan im terribly sorry.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

A sweet easter egg on the Der Reise map is once you have a pack-a-punched weapon, go to the door that when you open it theres a BAR on the wall, theres a window outside, go on the left side of the window and ADS, look for the pillar (1 out of 3) that has a sort of blood mark on it, burst fire untill you hit it dead on, some objects that look like power ups will spin around it and samantha will say, "Lets play a game, Hide and go seek, then they fly out of the map, now by the trench gun there it a small animal cage to the right on the floor, in it there will be a teddy bear holding a sicle and a jugger-nog bottle, shoot it and samantha will talk again, next, by the thompson, in the furnace room, look in the furnace and there will be a Cymbal Monkey, shoot it, then once thats done, throw a real monkey bomb in and it will catch fire and scream, the song easter egg is there are 3 containers with spines in them, two are in the room with the trench gun, one on a desk and one on top of a book case, hold square or X for what ever system your on, and then by the grenades on the chalkboard theres another one on the desk then this song will come on... have fun!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Glitches and Easter Eggs!

If you want to see or tell me about Easter Eggs and glitches let me know in the comments!


Hello, I will be posting about my missadventures on Call of Duty, I'm currently rank 75 on MW3, I know its not much but I don't stick with one game that often. I also will be posting about Black Ops, Zombies, glitches, and MW2 , mods glitches, and most of all easter eggs.